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About me

I am a passionate individual deeply infatuated with technology, always on the quest for the latest hardware innovations and exploring novel ways to maximize the potential of existing technology. Whether it’s immersing myself in the intricacies of cutting-edge silicon or delving into schematics of existing works, I thrive on the excitement of discovery and experimentation. Constantly tinkering and pushing boundaries, I find joy in unraveling the complexities of technology and harnessing its power to bring ideas to life.


Boston University

Master’s in Computer Science

My current enrollment where I am pursuing projects related to embedded systems and programmable logic devices

College of the Holy Cross

Bachelor of Arts in Physics

Boston College High School

High School Diploma

Research Interest

Embedded Design

Cyber-Physical Systems

Heterogeneous Architecture

Distributed Systems

From Academic Pursuits

To Common Day Projects

Additional Skills

Influenced by academia. Disciplined by experimentation

3D Design

From plastics to PCBs, Learning digital fabrication and rapid prototyping has been transformative for me. In my daily life, it has empowered me to design and fabricate custom devices and tools perfectly tailored to my needs, making tasks more efficient and enjoyable. Additionally, in my academic endeavors, these skills have expanded my creative horizons, allowing me to bring innovative ideas to life quickly and effectively. Through rapid prototyping, I can iterate on concepts swiftly, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and contributing to meaningful advancements in my field.


This pastime offers solace and space when I seek fresh viewpoints on both familiar and unfamiliar subjects. There’s an inherent yearning to capture messages beyond the static medium—to convey deeper meanings and emotions. Reflecting on these desires, I’ve realized how photography informs my approach to concise communication and gives me the tools to bridge gaps between diverse perspectives. In essence, it’s not just about capturing moments but about using them as a means to connect and understand the world in a more profound way.

Automotive Alteration

Initially an informal pursuit, became an early academic outlet beyond traditional schooling, fostering learning and experimentation. It now serves as a reflection of my multifaceted skill set, encompassing mechanics, creativity, problem-solving, and meticulous attention to detail. This practical experience extends beyond technical proficiency, offering insights into design principles and engineering concepts. Moreover, it helps bring a modern touch to an aging vehicle (pictured above).


During Covid, this served avenue for learning networking, infrastructure, and hardware. Additionally, now helps highlight the significance of personal data in today’s digital era. Through hands-on experimentation, I’ve gained insights into data management, security, and privacy. This practice not only enhances my technical skills but also emphasizes the ethical responsibilities associated with data ownership. Also, now I can compart services and tools to myself, friends, and family.


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Boston, MA



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